Teach Your Monster: Number Skills

Cute, creative games cover foundational skills for small numbers

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Price: Free
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire

Pros: The colorful, festive setting and creative games actually do make these drill-like activities fun.

Cons: With no progress reports, there's no way for teachers to pinpoint where students are struggling.

Bottom Line: These enjoyable game-based exercises can be a great option to casually reinforce foundational number concepts.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Use Teach your Monster: Number Skills to give students a chance to play around with basic number literacy. Students can move through a colorful, interactive world to stumble upon a variety of number games. Levels build in complexity, so students should play within their own unique profile. There's enough guidance to support students who are just starting to work on basic number skills, although there's not much meaningful feedback for students who are truly having challenges. Teachers also don't get any meaningful reporting regarding student progress. Because of that, these games fit best as a filler for downtime or a fun reinforcement activity rather than as a robust, full-featured teaching tool. The games currently cover up to number five -- though the  developer promises higher numbers are coming soon. Access to Teach Your Monster: Number Skills is quite flexible: Play on mobile or computer, at home or at school.

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A fun theme and cutesy monsters draw students in. A decent amount of variation in activity type should keep activities from feeling tedious.


Foundational number activities get more challenging as students progress. They'll practice counting, subitizing, matching quantity to number symbol, and simple addition and subtraction.


There are excellent, clear explanations for each game -- but virtually no teacher tools and no meaningful feedback for incorrect answers.

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Fun and engaging!

Overall, its a good, fun, and engaging game for kids. I would just add little captions when the user has to take another "step" or "action" as I sometimes find myself not knowing what to do or click on next.

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