Cute mouse Mimi is the teacher throughout each activity.

Teach Me: Toddler

Encouraging practice in basics for little ones ready to learn

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Communication & Collaboration, Critical Thinking, English Language Arts, Math

Price: Paid
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: The sweet teacher mouse provides just enough praises and corrections.

Cons: Most questions on this "toddler" app are more appropriate for preschoolers.

Bottom Line: Ideal for preschoolers who like questions and teachers who want an app that tracks student progress.

Use Teach Me Toddler to help kids retain and recall basic preschool lessons, as well as to discern the subject areas (numbers, letters, basic phonics, shapes, counting, and colors) in which an individual student may need more attention. This app tracks number of correct and incorrect answers, as well as when a question has been mastered (that number can be set by the teacher for each individual student; the app's default settings start at three correct answers for a question to be mastered). Since teachers can also set how many questions kids must answer before they get a reward sticker, there's lots of flexibility in how much time kids need to spend per play session. For example, a teacher may limit use for each student to earning just two rewards stickers by answering three questions to earn a sticker, or a total of just six questions correctly. The app stores progress for each student, so they can build the sticker scene over time.

Teach Me: Toddler is a cute learning app for preschoolers that can track progress for up to 40 students. Kids practice and review numbers, letters, shapes, and colors with multiple-choice questions. When kids tap the green "Play" arrow, a little mouse teacher appears and asks a question based on visuals, such as four numbers with the question "Find the number 2." For correct answers, kids see a green check mark, and the mouse moves on to the next question. A red "X" appears with an incorrect answer, and the mouse offers a corrective lesson, such as, "That's the letter 'p.' Find the letter 'b.'"  Counting questions ask kids to identify how many objects (such as pirate ships or whales) they see on the screen. Letters can be tested by letter name or sound. Kids can earn rewards in the form of virtual stickers, and teachers can choose which of four backdrops and sticker sets the child will receive for a job well done.

For drill-based, predictably repetitive lessons,Teach Me: Toddler is a cute, simple, and solid choice. Kids aren't going to get much in the way of conceptual understanding with these activities, but for basic skills practice, it will do fine. The app's name is a bit misleading because many of the questions here are likely out of reach for most toddlers. Adults can track each kid's progress in letter names and sounds with capital and/or lowercase letters, counting and number recognition, shapes, and colors. Adults can also choose how many correct answers earn the sticker rewards, how many correct answers kids must provide before a question is considered "mastered," and which topics the questions include.

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Gameplay is fun, graphics are clean and smooth, and what preschooler doesn't love stickers, virtual or otherwise?


Multiple-choice questions limit learning to rote practice. However, correct and incorrect answers are clearly identified, and the interface is easily accessible for young kids.


Incorrect answers get a red x and kids are told, for example, "That is the oval. Find the circle." Teachers or parents can adjust difficulty level and track up to 40 kids.

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Great app for reviewing preschoolers knowledge

I wish I was able to choose one specific area (ex: colors) for the preschoolers to get review questions in versus all of the categories together. I think this could be a good app to use for reviewing content and seeing content areas where you might still need to work on. Since it is all multiple choice answers it doesn't have the creation and play piece which is so important for preschool. However, if you just need an app for reviewing content your preschoolers will like this one.

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