Tap Typing is a beneficial tool to improve mobile keyboarding skill and encourage students to produce on mobile devices.

Submitted 9 years ago
Larry O.
Larry O.
Southeast Christian School
Parker CO, US
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My Take

Tap Typing includes the basic elements necessary to encourage students to move beyond typical hunt-and-peck mobile keyboarding to relevant, more efficient keyboarding habits. Challenges students to use keyboards on mobile devices more effectively. There is limited re-enforcement to help students use auto correct or auto fill options common to mobile devices which is a significant need for 21st century skills.

There are entry level and more advanced practice exercises available. The scoreboard is a challenge motivator for some students and perhaps an excuse for discouragement or non-engagement for others.

There is no reason to write off mobile keyboarding as inefficient and a poor choice for writing projects when apps like this are available.

How I Use It

I use tap typing free version to calibrate students keyboarding on their iPads and to compare to other keyboarding instruction available on our PCs. I also assign a few exercises, but mostly encourage students to do practice on their own. Most students naturally continue exercises and tests to better their speed and accuracy.