Clean, Simple, Easy to Use Digital Tool!

Submitted 1 year ago
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My Take

Sutori serves as an effective tool for timeline, presentation and project creation. There is no initial price to complete a standard timeline making it easier for more students and classrooms to use the site. For a year long subscription it is $99 for educators but it is not necessary if you just used the basic tools. The software is easy to use and understand quickly, allowing students to adapt to the technology fairly quickly. I like that the collaboration feature on the site allows users to work simultaneously on the same project. In the age of digital learning the ability to collaborate on something is essential in a project based website. All in all I think that Sutori is a great tool that definitely has a place in both virtual and in person classrooms.

How I Use It

Sutori is digital timeline and presentation tool which can be used by both teachers and students. As an educator I would create interactive timelines related to content I was covering and present it to the class as a more engaging way to explain a series of sequential events. For students this would be a great tool to use during group projects or assign as a larger project for students to complete individually. Sutori allows users to be as creative as they want so students could feel free to add any additional media or resources that would aid in their understanding. Students could either submit the timeline to their teacher or present it to the class.