Creating #GETOnBoard

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Being the curator of the GETOnBoard platform, I needed to find a precise, smooth and easy access portal to display our monthly playlists in a creative, attractive and engaging way. After searching different ways, I stumbled upon Sutori and this is where I started to construct GETOnBoard. I have to admit this was my discovery of the year as one keyword I was looking for in creating the playlists was TIMELINE. And while browsing Sutori, I could see the tremendous creative and exciting potential that could happen and including sharing the platform with all teachers & students around the world.
I personally love every calculated way, element and possibility to make the platform attractive and professional.
We sincerely hope and believe that GETOnBoard will bring both teachers and students will enjoy creative sustainable learning ways in exploring the world around them.

How I Use It

G.E.T OnBoard is a teacher/educator resource database that merges The National Geographic Learning Framework and SDGs teaching. The G.E.T OnBoard Team are composed of 3 National Geographic Certified Educators from 3 different continents (Beverly from the U.S, Tim from France and Danielle from Mauritius). We curate monthly playlists, connecting UN International Days with resources and activities from the National Geographic Resources Library and other SDGs free educational platforms. The #GETOnBoard Platform is free to use for all teachers/educators around the world.
I let you explore the GETOnBoard Platform: