Fantastic platform which is very easy to use!

Submitted 3 years ago
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My Take

Overall I am very satisfied with Sutori and I recommend it to every teacher to use it in their teaching practises!
Sutori is very easy to edit, however some constructive criticism I might add regards mostly the design of Sutori. I think it would be great if there were even more colors to choose from when creating a story - also, having a variety of the kinds of fonts, plus getting to choose from more than 3 sizes of fonts could make Sutori even more interesting for the children to use. Also, being able to add PowerPoint presentations to stories could be really useful.

How I Use It

I really like it in Sutori that I can build my lessons easily in one place as Sutori offers an integrated platform for any curriculum I'd like the children to access. My class can see everything in one place, which makes studying a lot easier for them. Other platforms can be embedded effortlessly onto Sutori, for example Learning Apps, Youtube, Redmenta, etc. Another big advantage of the platform is that I don't need to worry about saving my work, as Sutori saves everything automatically.