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Storyboard That is a great website (Edmodo app) for creating comics or graphic novels. There are tons of characters, animals, backgrounds, etc to choose from. Set-up time was minimal since I use it through Edmodo and support has been phenomenal. Students picked it up quickly and are using it for summaries, retell and more. Engagement for students is very high and they love being able to create storyboards and share with the class. The management of storyboards is very easy through the teacher dashboard, where I can see what each student has been working on and how far they have progressed. For Edmodo users, there is a new beta feature to assign badges to your student storyboarders. Pretty cool.

Only challenge is occasionally the site is a little slow, but only when I have 25 students building/creating at once.

How I Use It

My 4th graders are using Storyboard That to create a graphic novel version of Island of the Blue Dolphins. Each student will be summarizing and retelling 3 chapters, but they must collaborate to make sure the same characters are used throughout. Challenging, but just like Pixar, I imagine. Students have also have also used it to create Digital Citizenship comics to show what they learned in our unit. I'll use these in an upcoming PD talk to demonstrate the importance of DigiCiti, but also show teachers how students can show their understanding. In the future, I plan to replace some of my paper-based book reports with StoryboardThat projects.

Support had been impressive. I needed one of the animal characters in a different color and it was added within 24 hours. Overall, I find myself thinking of many uses for Storyboard That in many of my language arts and social studies units.

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