Beautiful pictures inspire creative writers.

Submitted 6 years ago
Eric W.
Eric W.
West Ottawa High School Campus
Holland MI, US
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My Take

I enjoyed this tool so much that I introduced it to my kids at home (ages 6 and 8). They love it, too. We spent a snow day creating and sharing stories with each other. The pictures are so beautiful that it's easy to get lost in them.

I am particularly excited to have my most passionate students publish their work. I'd love to have more students publish their writing and see it in print.

I also like the ability to set up a class and provide each other with peer revision.

One (minor) complaint: I'd love to see a way for students to upload their own sketches.

How I Use It

This website allows students to create picture books or longer form chapter books. Users select a group of images to focus their stories. These pictures are beautiful and varied.

Each subset of images contains a range of elements to include. In the picture book form, each page contains an image and room to tell that part of the story. The pictures can inspire writers who aren't sure where to take their tale, but the pictures are varied enough to provide room for creativity.

After students have finished telling their tales, they can share and/or revise before publishing.

The publishing phase can be done digitally. For students who are passionate or schools with grant funds, the stories can be purchased as printed books. This could be a fun fund raiser or provide a more authentic audience to drive revision.

One thing I really like about this tool is the differentiated instruction that is available. ELL can tell their story through complex images with minimal text. Developing writers can be inspired and supported by the images as they tell their stories. Strong writers can write chapter books with beautiful illustrations.