Let your students tap into their creativity with Storybird!

Submitted 7 years ago
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Storybird is a great app. It helps build literacy while also fostering creativity. It provided students with an opportunity to collaborate and critique other writing which transforms my writing block. Students love seeing their finished products and sharing them. This takes a normal narrative writing task which students would normally do on paper and transforms it into an activity where students can choose illustrators and publish work to be viewed and critiqued. I think it gives students a glimpse into what publishing a real book could be like. Although I love the website, I would love to see them add a voice to text option. This would help support my students with specific learning needs.

How I Use It

I set up an account with Storybird which allowed me to create my own classroom for free. I was given a classroom code. I used this code to add my students. With my own classroom on Storybird, I can create assignments that are specific to the curriculum and also have a virtual classroom library filled with student’s work. In addition to this, I can publish my own stories which will give my students examples of proficient writing. We are currently writing personal narratives so I was able to choose a specific artist that I knew offered realistic illustrations to accompany their writing. I knew this app would be beneficial to my students. Through observations of my class, I have notice that written communication is a struggle. Students find it difficult to brainstorm ideas for stories. With this website, students can create their own stories and browse through thousands of pictures to help jump start their writing. It provides support to my struggling writers and ELL students because it supports them with generating ideas for their writing pieces. It also challenges proficient writers because they can collaborate on the same stories and critique other writing pieces.

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