This was a great way to scaffold kids' imaginations for writing narratives.

Submitted 8 years ago
Lorena S.
Lorena S.
South/West Park Elementary
Tracy CA, US
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My Take

I believe that as a tool to help spark imagination, this is a good tool However, I had to scaffold a lot by reminding kids that what I was interested in was their content, not necessarily their conventions. Eventually, we did go back and fix some grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes, but only after precise, concise lessons on these skills.

How I Use It

I had my bilingual third graders us this app to have them write stories, letting them practice the art of storytelling. While some of them were finding it difficult to find a theme, others wrote numerous pieces and published them on our class Wikipage. Some students who are barely into writing (or writing phonetically) were at first discouraged, but gradually built up to writing more stories.