Fun game with real struggles that many Americans face, helps students understand poverty and social inequality.

Submitted 7 years ago
Elizabeth H.
Elizabeth H.
Arcadia High School
Phoenix AZ, US
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My Take

One of the parts that I like best is that after they make a decision it often gives them a fact that correlates with the decision, for example why so many people take up smoking when they are struggling. My students like it because it is a game. If they cannot make it through the month they keep playing because they want to see if they can do it. Afterwards I had my students complete a reflection worksheet where they recorded what job they chose, what successes and challenges they faced, and what surprised them the most.

How I Use It

I teach Introduction to Sociology and this game is great with the unit on Social Inequality where we focus on social stratification and social class. However it would also be good for economics and units on personal finance, most students do not realize that the cost of everything adds up.