Socrative- A Great Review Tool

Submitted 8 years ago
Kristie O.
Kristie O.
Winters Middle School
Winters CA, US
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My Take

The program seems to be engaging for a large percentage of students. They ask for it as a review tool. Some students are disengaged quickly or go through the quiz one time to see the answers so that they can quickly be done with it. This is not the case for the majority of my students. It has a feature where you can turn off the ability to show the correct answer; though I like that the students have immediate, corrective feedback. They have added a new feature where students do not have to answer question in order but can move through the questions and go back to ones they skipped. I have not tried this feature yet but I had students who wanted it when I was using it. Another positive is that the room number assigned to you is always the same. The students remember it and can log in easily.

How I Use It

Socrative has a variety of uses. I have used it strictly as practice. It allows me to create a practice quiz that provides immediate feedback to my students. I can make both open-ended questions and multiple choice items on the quiz. I have my students take the quiz until they score 100%. I can see immediately on my i-pad mini if they have answered the questions correctly or not. If I want to review the quiz afterwards, and see the open-ended responses, I can download a spreadsheet and see where students were struggling and make adjustments to my teaching or my questions.