Goodbye clickers....hello Socrative!!

Submitted 9 years ago
Mary H.
Mary H.
Veronica E Connor Middle School
Grand Island NY, US
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My Take

Just when I was getting frustrated with overused clicker technology....Socrative came along! Socrative allows the user to create and push out quizzes to an entire class in a similar way to 'clicker' technology. It is relatively easy to set up and allows for whole group review of concepts as well as student paced response to quizzes/concepts. Within minutes, an entire class can be logged in and interactive with Socrative. When an educator first comes in contact with Socrative, it may take a moment or two to input content into the program but once it's there, it's terrific. I found the platform someone cumbersome initially as text/data/questions cannot but directly imported but must be copied and pasted into Socrative, but this was only a minor inconvenience. Socrative DOES allow one to export class data/results for analysis purposes.

How I Use It

I use Socrative at the beginning of the school year to quiz my students on their knowledge of the classroom rules and concepts. Throughout the year I use Socrative as a go to site for review of concepts for upcoming quizzes. I have also used Socrative in lieu of providing an actual paper quiz and it worked VERY well! The data that Socrative collects is very useful for formative/summative assessment purposes.