Online questions in an Instant

Submitted 9 years ago
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There are many things to do with Socrative. You can create online questions and get an instant response. It is a way to get information quickly and efficiently. You can create your own quiz but an Idea would be able to store the quiz' and share them around so you don't have to make them up from scratch. This would save some time if there was a search bar to search for already made quiz'.

How I Use It

I used it to gain instant knowledge on what I was planning to teach that lesson in Computers. I asked the class if they were confident in using google docs and got an overall response they did. I moved on to other questions to gauge where the class was at and had a pre made lesson that I was ready to teach. I guided the responses to that it was something I had planned for. After I got the information I taught them the topic and then created a quiz for them to do at the end to make sure they understood what was being taught.