Great way to assess students' individual progress without using up precious rehearsal time

Submitted 8 years ago
Amie J.
Amie J.
Archbishop Mitty High School
San Jose CA, US
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My Take

I have found this to program to be essential in my classroom because it gives me an opportunity to hear individual students' progress regularly without taking up class time. It is great for students too because they are able to get immediate feedback about what they played incorrectly and be able to fix problems on their own. Much like playing a video game, students seem to be motivated to continue practicing until they get a good score. In theory, I love everything about the intentions of this product, HOWEVER, I have found a lot of bugs and flaws in the designing of the product. I have had to contact customer services many times, and although they are very responsive, most of the time the problem stems from the development of the product. But the advantages of using this software still outweigh these inconveniences and I will continue to use the product and hope that as they keep working on improving the software, it will one day do everything the way it should.

How I Use It

I give all my music classes weekly assignments. Some classes are assigned one scale every week. Some classes are assigned exercises from method books. All my classes go through a series of rhythm exercises where they clap and count out loud. Every once in a while, I assign a student 1-hour of practice log as a makeup assignment.