A good addition to Music Classrooms

Submitted 2 years ago
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This program is a good supplemental teaching tool for a music student's progress and additional practice. It is useful with the many different instruments and parts of a song that are accessible. It can help students practice and count their beats more thoroughly and helps see the progress outside of the classroom. The only issue is that of the sensitivity sensor. Sometimes student experience SmartMusic saying their playing is wrong when it is correct. Other times, the program does not pick up the sounds that are supposed to be picked up. However, it certainly does help monitor student progress and see their improvement.

How I Use It

SmartMusic is good for individual practice. It allows students to see how they may be playing a song wrong and helps with counting. However, the sensitivity sensors are not too good. At times when notes are played, they are not detected within the program, causing educators to manually grade them. SmartMusic is supposed to aid educators to see a student's progress and how they practice. However, if the program itself does not have the means to detect correct notes, there would be no difference than seeing a student's progress in person.