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Pros: Lessons use data that really matters, showing students how math is integral in understanding the hottest social topics.

Cons: Lessons move quickly, and the entry point is fairly advanced.

Bottom Line: Easy-to-access curriculum supplement will spice up algebra and statistics courses.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

The Skew the Script lessons pose interesting questions like "Does a Michael Crichton book disprove global warming?" and "Why does McDonald's keep bringing back the McRib?" Real high-quality data has been carefully collected for each lesson on topics that students will definitely find interesting. There are also topics like gun control, vaccines, and the use of force in policing. AP statistics and algebra teachers can use these materials as a supplement to their existing curriculum, although as more content is added, Skew the Script may eventually function as a stand-alone curriculum. Detailed teacher guides provide teaching tips and course alignment info.

In addition to guiding students through a lesson in class, teachers could assign a lesson video as homework after teaching the basics of the concept during class. Some supports for online learning give teachers additional flexibility. On the flip side, teachers could require students to watch the relevant video before introducing a concept to help them feel more connected to their learning. As an extension, have students find additional data to analyze. For example, after the lesson on using z-scores to identify the NBA's "G.O.A.T." player, students can use z-scores to calculate the greatest athlete in their favorite sport. Though key terms are defined in the materials, starting with simpler examples to teach the foundational concepts might help get kids ready for the more advanced data usage.

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Students will be drawn into hot topics from pop culture to politics, making math relevant and encouraging lively discussions.


The lessons are thorough, relevant, and challenging, but most students will need more foundational information to get started.


Teachers and students can access the content in multiple file types and formats, including video tutorials, slide decks, digital worksheets, and printable downloads.

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Melissa Powers
Melissa Powers School Library and Technology Specialist

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