Learn English with basic vocabulary and shorter sentences!

Submitted 8 years ago
Jen W.
Jen W.
Avonworth Elementary School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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This is a great resource for teachers to use when wanting their students to learn the same content as others. Students don't look like they are doing anything different than their peers, so in many ways the lower level students enjoy this activity and meet with success. The site hopefully will just continue to grow allowing students to find what they are searching for when they type in their keyword. Our gifted teacher and suggested having her more advanced students write and submit articles for this site.

How I Use It

Simple English Wikipedia has helped ESL students read articles that pertain to the same topics as what we are reading in class. In addition, some lower ability readers have benefited from being able to read and understand when completing research activities.Simple English Wikipedia is an easier version of Wikipedia, made exclusively to help struggling or lower level readers. It doesn't always have exactly what we are looking for, but it typically has something we can use.