Great as a flipped classroom or tutoring tool!

Submitted 9 years ago
McCall  M.
McCall M.
Colfax Upper Elementary School
Springdale PA, US
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My Take

I think this provides a great way to provide examples and support for students and is certainly a useful teaching tool. I find that when a child leaves a math class knowing exactly what they are doing they sometimes are not as confident at home and a Show Me video and can help provide them with a reminder through example problem of the content from a certain day's lesson. I like how you can import pictures because I have put my own tables and pictures to support math problems into Show Me videos and I also like that there are different pen colors to choose from. I purchased an iPad just so that I could download and use the Show Me App because for me, it's much better than other programs that I have tried to create math videos.

How I Use It

I use Show Me to create math videos to link onto my teacher website. My students can then view these videos as a tutoring tool at home or at school to watch and listen to me doing certain math applications or to preview content to be ready for the following days class. It's also nice for the parents to have an opportunity to view the videos because they sometimes need a content refresher. I have also made videos for my substitutes to use with my class when I was not going to be at school because I think there is something powerful about having the student hear their teachers voice explain something to help lead them towards understanding. I found myself doing several "takes" before I was satisfied with a video to save it so at times creating the videos could be a lengthy process for me but I improved as I got familiar with using ht explication. I have also learned to talk through any stumbles or errors that I make and not feel the need to start over every time I feel that something isn't 100% perfect.