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Good product for students to learn from home, but some bugs.

I think it has the potential to be great for students to complete homework on and learn efficiently from home. The interface should be made a little better and more features would suit the program pretty well. Overall, I think it is a good product.
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Great App!

Overall, easy setup and a great tool to use in the classroom.
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Show me is a great app for students to record and show their work when solving math problems!

It is great. It allows me to see my students work and how I can help them.
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Interactive and great for at home review

I think that this is a really great tool overall but if I had to change one thing I would like there to be a capability for students to interact with the lessons I send them as well as other students in their class outside of the classroom.
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Great Tool for Math Help

I think this is a great tool for making screen recording videos. I personally write better on a screen then with the computer so I find this tool to be much more helpful but I can understand why others may not like it. Overall, I think this tool makes uploading extra help videos simple and easy.
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Wonderful Tool for Flipped Classrooms, for Tutoring or Substitute Teacher Days

ShowMe is a great tool for when you know you will be out, for a Flipped Classroom, or for individualized learning. I love how you are able to record your voice as you are creating the images, drawings and works for your students. It is a good tool to help them with taking notes. A strong tool for differentiation in the classroom!
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I think that this tool is really well done. It takes taking notes to a new level. With the interactive tools, such as pens, markers, highlighters, and voice recordings, it enables the students to use their creative minds while learning and explaining how they understand a concept.
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Great visuals for students

It's nice how teachers are able to use their own voice and handwriting, which gives the students the feeling that they are in the classroom. To make the app better, I would recommend that there was a tool for the students to directly message the teacher about the video when they have questions or concerns. Overall, I think this is a great interactive app to use in schools.
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Useful tool for recording lectures, but needs updating

Overall, I believe this a good app to use. I have tried a few others that did not have as many features. One thing I would like is the ability to edit photos within the app. I have to crop and edit my photos before adding them to ShowMe. Another thing I've noticed is when I zoom into the photos on the app, the photos overlap to the next screen, which cuts writing space from the next screen. I would also be nice to edit the video once its been recorded, for instance if I need to mute the voice at a certain portion, rather than record the entire lecture again.
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Beginner white board app for iPad

Excellent for beginners or lower grades. There are other apps for more customizations and advanced editing options.
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