A great tool to record your lessons for flipped and blended learning.

Submitted 9 years ago
Chad S.
Chad S.
Perris High School
Perris CA, US
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My Take

ShowMe is basically an interactive whiteboard that allows you to record your lessons. The user is able to write and add pictures or other multimedia while speaking. The whole production is recorded and available for students to view. It works well on my iPad and allows me to pause and rewind for a flawless production.

How I Use It

This tool is great for flipped and blended classrooms. You can create a lesson and have students access it on their devices at home. ShowMe allows you to extend the learning in your classroom beyond your walls. An archive of lessons created by other teachers provides a rich resource to draw from for extended learning opportunities. When I have a sub, I can use ShowMe so that my students can view my lesson. It's like I never left!