ShowMe is an excellent app that allows your Ipad to become an interactive whiteboard.

Submitted 8 years ago
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ShowMe is a great app that allows me to differentiate instruction quickly and as needed. I like it requires little set up time and I quickly access it when I want to make lessons more interactive. I quickly change apps from the interactive whiteboard to various other games. I wish the free version did include more pen colors. ShowMe is a great app for educators needing the functionality of an interactive whiteboard for the classroom. Its easy-to-use interface and distraction-free workspace make this a great app to teach students with.

How I Use It

I use this app during small group work and whole group instruction. My students like that they are able to use ShowMe during small group work. This is beneficial when students work in centers and I am working with a small group. We can quickly use this app with other games. Many teachers in the building use this during whole group instruction and they are loving the mobility of having the app on the ipad instead of a SMART board. This application integrates at all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy and allows teachers an opportunity to create lessons, remediation options and accessible references for student review. In conclusion, ShowMe is a great app for any educator that could use the functionality of a smart board. Its design and interface is minimalistic and uncluttered, which makes it great for the classroom, and its functionality is easy for anyone to master

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