Show Me allows students to show what they know by letting them record their voice while explaining a concept.

Submitted 8 years ago
Staci H.
Staci H.
Hesston Middle School
Hesston KS, US
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My Take

Show Me is a great teaching tool allowing teachers to record explanations to present to the class or for individual students to view. Show Me is great for students, allowing them to record and show what they know. The tool is so engaging and fun, the students don't even realize teachers are using it as an assessment tool.

How I Use It

We used Show Me in 5th grade math to have students explain long division. It was a huge time saver for the teacher, instead of having to meet individually with each student they submitted their Show Me. The teachers remarked it was so much better to be able to hear the student talk through the problem and hear their thought process instead of just see an answer on their paper. It gave a whole new meaning to "show your work". Here is an example of a student using it: