Amazing pseudo-coding app that develops problem solving skills

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

Scratch is an awesome learning resource, it could be used as an individual project as well as a group effort which helps with students' interpersonal, collaborative, and problem-solving skills. The only thing limiting a student with the desire of creating work is their own imagination, the possibilities are endless with the number of applications this program can have in a school setting, the only caveat would be that sometimes students can get frustrated at a program not working correctly, but I see it as an opportunity to teach them patience and perseverance.

How I Use It

I've used scratch in my own education and I can vouch that it's well balanced as it feels like a game, but also teaches the students critical thinking and problem-solving. Scratch is limitless in where you can take it, it's good for beginners as well as students that have more experience in pseudo-coding. I've mainly see scratch been used as a personal project app with every student working on a game, for example, they would like to create.