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Builds a lot of foundational skills in students

It is a very versatile learning space for students. Their takeaway from this app is whatever they make it to be and can create many different projects with this app. It allows students to become really good problem solvers, as well as allowing them to exercise their creativity as well. In a group setting this truly challenges our students on how to stay on task, work with others, and be organized. The only challenge would be that there can be too many things that can distract students as well.
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Amazing pseudo-coding app that develops problem solving skills

Scratch is an awesome learning resource, it could be used as an individual project as well as a group effort which helps with students' interpersonal, collaborative, and problem-solving skills. The only thing limiting a student with the desire of creating work is their own imagination, the possibilities are endless with the number of applications this program can have in a school setting, the only caveat would be that sometimes students can get frustrated at a program not working correctly, but I see it as an opportunity to teach them patience and perseverance.
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Great coding tool for students and for older individuals learning about aspects of computer science!

I have used this service and thoroughly enjoyed it and the process of learning the syntax. I have coded before and I liked this tool as an introductory coding experience for students who are picking up computer science. Additionally, it would work with adults who are trying the grasp basic coding concepts as there are extensive tools that can be applied in this program and complex projects made.
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Scratch is awesome! Tech for all ages!

Scratch is an awesome, MIT media lab derived! A free way to learn language and programming interactively. You can create your own games, animations and so much more! Only downfall is some bullies can access the site :(
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Very Interactive tool

This tool is a great tool to teach kids coding and to have them interact with their own creations or others. This website offers a variety of different ways to introduce students to coding or simply follow instructions and interact with the other material made by students.
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I believe that this app is such a great tool since it has bunch of games but also options of learning how to code and make games! Students may find interest in creating games after playing games!

This website showed me great variety of games and taught me how to code and make games!
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It is an excellent tool if you know how to use it.

It is an excellent tool if you know how to use it. It will be great if there is more training for teachers available.
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Such a fun app for coding!

My opinion is that this is a great teaching tool for young students learning how to code. I really liked Scratch Jr. for the coding app as well. It better serves my students and my teaching because they have to practice perseverance and a growth mindset to continue to build their codes and change them if they make mistakes.
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Great Tech Tool!

I really like scratch. It's free and it is a great way for students to create stories, games and animations. It has a variety of features and that is something I love the most about scratch! You have a wide variety of animations, sounds, costumes to choose from. You can make music, create a story, create a came and so much more. Scratch provides a tutorial video for each one of its features. Overall this app is super fun especially for students. Using scratch students are able to create something they can call their own.
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Great place to start for beginner coders

This is a great place for students to apply concepts they have learned in the classroom in an entertaining and rewarding way. Students will require little assistance once they've understood concepts as they can check their own work.
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