An amazing way to engage all students in computer programming.

Submitted 8 years ago
Sara C.
Sara C.
Indian Ridge Elementary School
Aurora CO, US
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My Take

I love that Scratch is free! I can set-up classes and it allows the students to work on their projects in the classroom as well as at home. The possibilities are endless with Scratch. I am the STEM teacher in the specials rotations, so I provide the introduction to the students and the support for other staff members to use it in their classrooms. The students have created games, stories, and art projects. I have seen it used on the classroom with writing. The students love to see their stories come to life! This is a highly engaging, very addictive website! Scratch can be used with students in first grade all the way through high school.

How I Use It

I have used this with students in grades 1-5. I use it as an introduction to programming. I allow the students to explore the projects in the Scratch gallery and then choose what type of project they would like to create. This allows students to take their project to the level they are able to complete. It differentiates itself!