Interactive and engaging coding and problem solving

Submitted 9 years ago
Rose A.
Rose A.
Nagel Middle School
Cincinnati OH, US
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My Take

I have used Scratch for 8 years now and I have adapted it for high ability learners as well as non-English speaking students. Students become engrossed when interacting with it and while there is a lot of chatter, they are usually tickled by a new discovery or helping a peer create or debug a program. I like that the student is in control of his or her learning. The growth in logic and problem solving is exponential and exciting to see.

How I Use It

I us this product with typical, gifted, and ELL students with great success. Even though most students don't recognizes this, mathematical concepts (coordinate planes, if then statements) are required and applied in all programming scenarios. Problem solving is also a key concept as they debug their and others' work.