Schoology - like a Swiss army knife for educators!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion is that I love Schoology. There are a couple of things I wish were better. For example, I love the badges, but I wish they were displayed more prominently on every page, rather than just the student profile page. I love the calendar, but I wish I could create recurring events or duplicate events. Schoology does provide a place for feature requests, and they are always working on improvements.

All in all, Schoology is a great platform for teachers because it can serve as the online hub for their students. It’s a great platform for students because they have access to content 24/7, and they can communicate with their teachers in and out of the classroom. For students who are loathe to raise their hands in class, this can be so helpful. Schoology is also great for parents because, after setting up their parent accounts, they can view student assignments and grades, and easily communicate with teachers through Schoology messaging.

How I Use It

I have used Schoology both as a teacher with my students and as a Professional Learning platform to work with other teachers. What I love:
•Many levels of use - I began using the LMS at a simple, basic level and then progressed to more advanced features that enriched the educational experience of my students. I love incorporating online discussions and media albums, as well as creating engaging assessments.
•Anywhere, anytime - I set up my daily classes in Schoology, embedding images, media, discussions, quizzes, and more. This lends itself to all types of teaching experiences from whole class to small group to individual assignments. I make assignments to small groups or individual students, and these do not populate the Schoology feeds of other students.
•Great integration with G Suite - Schoology plays very well with all things Google. I love the Google Drive Assignments app, which organizes my students’ assignments so beautifully.