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Submitted 7 years ago
Jay V.
Jay V.
District Digital Learning Coach
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My Take

Schoology has transformed teaching and learning in our district for the better. I can say this with confidence. Our analytics continue to grow and the feedback continues to be positive. Our teachers, parents, and students love Schoology and all it offers in support of the teaching and learning process. Schoology listens to feedback and works endlessly to make a powerful educational tool even better. Their help center is diverse and valuable while also being divided into teacher, student, and parent sections. That's a great touch. Their social media presence is extremely supportive. It's clear they value what is shared on social media and that makes a difference. This is year three with Schoology and we're looking forward to continuing our journey with them. It does all our teachers and students want it to do and so much more.

How I Use It

Easy to use and versatile. Schoology can be used for (in no particular order as well as not limited to): storing and/or sharing resources, class calendars/updates, grading assignments, test and quizzes (which are able to able to automatically be graded for all things objective), tracking standards-based student mastery across tests, quizzes, discussions, and assignments, badges/GBL, online class discussions, rubric creation/sharing/grading, embedding/linking to online resources, online portfolios, parent communication, and much more! Schoology can literally do everything. It can be a "one stop shop" for everything teachers and students need for learning within a course. Flipped, blended, personalized, and differentiated learning opportunities are almost essential in today's educational settings. With its mobile features Schoology is able to be accessed anytime and anywhere. With Schoology, potential teaching and learning opportunities don't have to happen simply "bell-to-bell." Schoology is a powerful educational tool which can truly be a "game-changer" in a class, school, and district.