Free language program is a decent introduction

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

For a free app, this tool is nicely designed. The graphics are appealing, it moves quickly enough to keep the user engaged, it provides quick feedback, and varies the response mode between verbal response and kinesthetic clicking on the screen. What I didn't like is that the verbal response mode is quite sensitive, so if there is any other noise (students talking nearby) the app will pick that up and mark your verbal responses wrote, even if you said the answer correctly. Also, while the app gives you swift feedback telling you if your answer is wrong/right, it doesn't explain or help you figure out your mistakes. Finally, the app does not adjust to the learner. For example, if you already have a grasp of the language, it doesn't accelerate your learning, it starts everyone at the same place and moves through the pre-designed lessons. Similarly, if you are having difficulty with a particular topic, it doesn't differentiate for that, just adjusts your final score to reflect.

How I Use It

A language instructor could use this tool occasionally to reinforce vocabulary, or this app could be used for students on individual learning plans.