Rock by Rock

Science-themed PBL modules in tidy packages, ready for implementation

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Communication & Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, English Language Arts, Science

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Differentiation, PBL

Price: Free to try
Platforms: Web

Pros: All the work is done for teachers, who simply need to pick a module and follow the instructions.

Cons: At the time of review, there was very little variety in the available topics.

Bottom Line: These turnkey modules engage students through project-based learning and creativity.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Use the projects in Rock by Rock as medium- to long-term learning modules. The topics available at the time of review focus mostly on animal or environment conservation and fit most easily in a science class. They're designed to be implemented over a number of weeks, and if teachers choose to use the whole series of modules, they could fill a whole school year. Modules include an online portion such as reading, research, or watching videos. This could be done as a class, with the teacher leading, or students can progress individually, though younger students will likely need some assistance. There's also a student workbook, which can be printed or downloaded onto students' devices. Unless they want to change something to better fit their class needs, teachers don't need to do any lesson planning. But hands-on offline components sometimes call for materials or other teacher prep. Teachers will want to read through the detailed teacher's guide and materials list to see what they need to prepare. Teachers will also need to create their own tools for assessment.

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Students learn about interesting real-world topics through hands-on exploration. A variety of activity types keep students actively engaged with the material.


Project-based inquiries guide students to dig deep into a topic through information gathering, multimedia presentations, thought-provoking questions, and hands-on activities.


Extensive guides help teachers present each topic. Student workbooks and online modules -- with text-to-speech features -- guide them through the material. There's no online data, progress tracking, or multilingual options.

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Great Activity for People that want to help with the environment

I used it as a student and participated in the activity about saving jaguars. I really liked how it was interactive by asking my questions that made me think before the narrator in the video answered them. As a student, I think this could be a good educational experience for anyone because it really forces them to get creative when thinking about what an answer could be. Overall, this activity would be a fun but also informational activity for people who want to learn more about the environment and the world.

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