Interesting movement to help students define their path in life!

Submitted 8 years ago
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Students often struggle with how they can change their world. Roadtrip Nation is a movement that is designed to educate students about current world issues (such as education or poverty) as well help students define themselves. The website is free to explore, but there is a $35 fee for students to actively participate. The movement has been documented on PBS and these videos can be seen on the website. The RV also travels across the country, participating in conferences and symposiums, including the Clinton Global Initiative America in 2014. They also travel to many high schools across the country to share their message. This would be a great way to help students connect the classroom to the outside world, and hopefully inspire further engagement beyond the classroom.

How I Use It

This website allows students to connect with others around the world through blogs, tweets, and other conversations. This dialogue focuses on a variety of topics, including fear, success, perserverance, acceptance, and courage. I have found that my students are more willing to share their stories when they can experience the views of others. I think it is also reassuring to hear that others share your thoughts, especially when you are struggling to define who you are or where you want to be. These conversations have led to further conversation in our classroom and in the halls. My hope is that my students will use these conversations to learn about themselves, further identifying their strengths and maybe even some goals for the future.