Remind App - Pros and Cons

Submitted 4 years ago
Diane  N.
Diane N.
Double Churches Elementary School
Columbus GA, US
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My Take

It is important to use Remind as a tool that will keep parents informed, but not hinder the progress and accountability of your students. I would also check with your administrator to be sure this is a means of communication that is approved by your school or district. There is an option to allow replies to your texts. That is something that should be considered carefully before allowing. Many districts have policies against texting with parents and students, and it is often better to have them contact you through district accounts for a multitude of reasons.
Remind is a valuable tool for communication, but should be used carefully to avoid potential problems and policy violations.

How I Use It

Remind allows you to send messages and share documents with parents. You can schedule announcements ahead of time, which I love, and set office hours. I also like that parents have the ability to opt in and unsubscribe at any time. Messages can be sent to parents' phones and the information you send can be accessed as needed. Remind also allows you to set up multiple classes and groups.
There are a few things to consider as you set up your account. I have known teachers who have had problems with parents wanting everything sent via Remind rather than having the students write down homework or bring papers home. I would caution teachers to think carefully about what is sent via Remind and to remember that text messages can be easily misinterpreted. You don't want to overload with multiple texts sent in a short period of time or have a message or tone be perceived incorrectly. Also keep in mind privacy and confidentiality when sending messages.