Remind Your Community - Keep Everyone Up To Date

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I love remind. It keeps me connected to the most important people in a school - the students, parents and guardians.

I like how easy it makes sending out announcements and receiving questions from parents and students. - I also like that you can shut off the office hours (texting back and forth).

How I Use It

I used this product to keep in touch with my students and their parents. It is an invaluable resourse in generating parent involvement and keeping students up to date with what is happening in the classroom and their responsibilities.

I love the new feature where students and parents can text you through remind. They do not see my number and I do not see theirs so everything is confidential. I am able to answer questions quickly and effectively. I love that I can answer the question then get right back to work without having to worry about formatting or grammar. It is also very valuable for last minute changes to fieldwork assignments or to assignments that have to be altered last minute.

The difficult part is getting all your parents and students to sign up. Although it is cool seeing that students effectively share the information with their peers.