Easy, anonymous way to keep students up-to-date.

Submitted 9 years ago
Eric W.
Eric W.
West Ottawa High School Campus
Holland MI, US
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Remind101 is a tool that allows teachers to increase completion rate and offer reminders to students. It is so frustrating when a lesson requires students to bring particular items to class, and they forget them. This app can help make class time more effective by increasing the completion rate of assignments. The only drawback is if students can't receive text messages.

How I Use It

At the beginning of the semester, students need to send a text message (enrollment code) to the Remind101 phone number. After this, they are enrolled in the course. If I want to remind students to bring discussion materials and drafts to class, all I need to do is send a message from my account. I can send it immediately or schedule the message to be sent later. Often, I will schedule the reminder as soon as I give the assignment.

There's even some functionality to send messages to individual students instead of the whole class. I like this app because it allows me to send messages to students from anywhere without having to give my personal number out.

I also can easily send out group texts on snow days if I need to adjust our plans. This allows my students to adjust and prepare for class even when we miss a day.

I plan to sign parents up at conferences. This will be great when the parent asks me to email the homework assignments home every week. I can just refer them to the Remind101 code.