Remind 101 is a safe, free, and easy way to communicate with students

Submitted 9 years ago
Jen T.
Jen T.
East Central High School
Brookville IN, US
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My Take

Remind 101 is easy to use, and I can access it from any device. An iOS app makes this product super handy. I can schedule reminders to be sent in the future which is convenient. A built in security feature prevents students from replying to the text. Safe & secure communication is what Remind 101 offers. My students love getting information via text message. One problem is that students who don't have cell phones are not included.

How I Use It

I use Remind 101 to inform my students about last-minute changes or updates for my class. With students' busy schedules Remind 101 is a great way to send short (140 characters) reminders. Students come to class more prepared and informed.