This is a great tool to keep your parents in the loop

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I did not use this program/app as a tool in the classroom; however, I have used it as a great communication tool in order to keep my students' families up to date on everything I have going on in the classroom, updates, assignments due, etc. My parents love it because receiving a text is less invasive than a call, and won't get lost in the shuffle like papers and emails.

Remind 101 is so easy to set up. You create an account for your classroom and give the parents a code to text to for registration. It's a snap. I highly recommend this for any teacher who would like to have a one-step communication tool.

How I Use It

Send weekly texts to parents with updates and important notices. Can send a text whenever you need to inform the parents. It has been so much more successful than emails and paper notices because most parents are carrying around a cell phone all day - and, you don't have to rely on the student to relay information!