Love this resource! Allows me to address my students' needs by standard, reading level and interest!

Submitted 3 years ago
Lisa L.
Lisa L.
Bowman Elementary
Anchorage AK, US
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My Take

I have often suggested this resource to my teaching friends as an excellent resource to support our standards based instruction in reading. I like that I can search for articles by grade level, lexile level, content, skills and strategies, text-sets, genre, etc. I find the online component to be engaging for my students. They enjoy having choice in the articles they choose to read and respond to. I do like the student results page and that I can quickly see how students performed on the comprehension questions. Grading the written questions isn't cumbersome because I can now see all students answers to the same question at once, and can easily assign a score to their response. The grading of online assignments is very teacher friendly!

How I Use It

Read Works allow me to use both print copies and assign digital copies to my students. I can easily differentiate according to the reading level abilities of my students and specific skills and strategies that I would like to focus on. It also allows me to search by specific content area. I find it dynamic in that I am able to almost always find a resource to support the needs of my small groups as well as resources to supplement the reading standards I am focusing on for the week. If I need additional information to supplement instruction in my content areas, I almost always am successful in finding an article that is applicable.