Lots of content with excellent grading interface.

Submitted 4 years ago
My Rating

My Take

Overall I would give Readworks a 4/5. There are some things that I really like and some that I don't. For example, I really like how easy it is to find and assign content for my students. It is also quite simple to differentiate based on student needs. I LOVE the grading interface as it allows me to quickly move through grading the writing portion of my student's work quite quickly, and I can assign partial points if their response warrants it. As for what I don't like so much, I would say it's not really "fun" for the students. Honestly they don't look forward to Readworks assignments the same way they do for other tech tools we use in our classroom. Also, like others have said, it would be great to be able to customize the questions and/or assign more or less questions for each article.

How I Use It

I use this product in conjunction with our district-specified reading program to supplement comprehension of subjects. I have linked this to my Google Classroom and use it to quickly assign work to my students. It works great to provide insight into things we may not cover with the textbook as well.