ReadWords is an essential tool for language arts teachers to use to teach reading comprehension, skills, and strategies!

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Jen W.
Jen W.
Avonworth Elementary School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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ReadWorks is an essential tool for language arts teachers. It is built on research and proven methods to make all readers excel in reading. I especially liked the capability to search by skill or strategy and by grade, or reading level. I also relied heavily on the ability to search reading passages by fiction or nonfiction genre. ReadWorks helped my students focus on answering text dependent questions. It was easy to find quality material to assess making inferences and main idea, which can be difficult to teach as well as assess. I would love to see the novel units be extended down to third grade in the future. I also have noticed throughout the year that additional quality material is constantly being added.

How I Use It

ReadWorks is a free program and I used it to correlate my state standards with research-based lessons for teaching reading comprehension. ReadWorks’ lessons focus on the essential skills and strategies your students must master to become successful readers. You can find anything from a cause and effect point of view here. For instance, when I was teaching about author's purpose, I entered it in the search bar and then entered my state and grade level and many passages came up in the search along with other common core aligned lessons on author's purpose. You also can find leveled reading passages with question sets that I used throughout the year with different abilities of readers. I relied a lot on ReadWorks and was always impressed with the higher levels of questions that were asked with the passages. The only downfall for my grade level is that at this time there aren't any novel study units, as they are just for fifth and sixth grades.

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