Free resource for lesson plans and reading passages aligned with the Common Core

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This is an incredible classroom tool. It makes it easy for a teacher to find a reading passage or lesson plan that matches the standard or strategy that they would like to cover. They are able to search also with grade level or lexile level in mind. The passage or lesson plan is immediately ready to be downloaded and printed for free. This website helps classroom teachers find materials and plan with ease based around the specific standard they need to teach. Finding reading passages and creating questions to assess comprehension of those passages can be a time consuming practice for teachers; Readworks makes this process easy and quick.

How I Use It

Read Works is a research based website that allows teachers to search for reading passages to use in the classroom based upon many criteria. The teacher can type in any or all of the following: Keyword, Grade, Lexile Level, Domain, Text Type, and Skill/Strategy. The site will then search and bring up the passages that meet that criteria. The teacher can print the reading passage and questions that accompany it. The other option is to search for lesson plans and units. This can be searched by grade, unit type (comprehension, novel, skill/strategy), and skill/strategy. The website will search and find the lesson plans. The lesson plan includes all of the necessary pieces to complete the lesson. The website will also allow you to pick from a drop down menu and choose a program (Hartcourt etc.) or a set of standards (Common Core or a specific state) that you would like see aligned to this lesson.

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