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Communication & Collaboration, Critical Thinking, English Language Arts

Price: Free to try
Platforms: Web, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad

Pros: Great combination of games, activities, books, and lessons.

Cons: Subscription required; little feedback or support when students struggle.

Bottom Line: Presentation can sometimes be a bit outdated, but Reading Eggs remains a comprehensive destination for teaching phonics and reading.

Reading Eggs is an online reading program that includes a wealth of resources. Whether you want to read a "big book" to the class, have students work on individualized lessons tailored to their needs, or do a class lesson on grammar and phonics, Reading Eggs has you covered. A teacher could easily use Reading Eggs as the primary language arts curriculum. Teachers could use the site as part of their reading program, exploring the treasure trove of resources and games to support their current instruction. Teachers can also direct struggling readers to use Reading Eggs as an at-home practice. Note that there's a robust teacher dashboard to let teachers keep track of student progress and create assignments.

Reading Eggs is a comprehensive phonics and reading program for children ages 3 to 13, available on the web or as an iOS or Android app. There are four programs, each with a different focus and target age range: Reading Eggs, Fast Phonics, Reading Eggspress, and Mathseeds. New student users can take a placement test to find the right starting place for them, or start each program from the beginning. Students complete activities and games at their current level, or work on activities the teacher has assigned them (or the class). There are songs,  books, and games. Though the majority of the material covers all things reading, the Mathseeds section focuses on basic foundational math skills.

Reading Eggs is a useful program, but it doesn't replace teacher instruction -- nor is it intended to. Many of the activities, especially for very early readers, are designed to be completed with parent or teacher assistance, making them best suited to whole-classroom activities rather than individual learning. There are, however, many great activities students will be able to complete on their own, reinforcing those skills learned in the classroom. Though there's material for experienced readers as well, the learning approach and most of the content fit better with younger students or beginning readers. 

Teachers could conceivably rely on this program all year round to support reading instruction because of the comprehensiveness and teacher tools. It falters a bit in its design and creativity, which sometimes feel a bit outdated. Younger students may not necessarily care, but older students may find Reading Eggs a bit stale.

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Reading Eggs offers a wide variety of games, activities, songs, and books to keep kids interested.


A teacher could build an entire reading program off of this one website, although activities remain fairly traditional in presentation and design.


The site is designed for teacher and parent support, and there are plenty of tutorials and helpful assists along the way.

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Fun reading program that does what it says it does and engages learners.

This is a great tool, particularly for young learners. My youngest learner loves using the program and is flying through the levels. I am seeing a huge improvement in the way he responds to the lessons on screen and verbalises the responses as he moves through the levels. The underlying egg earning encourages him to complete more levels. My older learner is fixated on the egg earning and has come up with ways to work around this as eggs are harder to achieve at the higher levels it has forced her to looks for ways to attain access to games and furnishings without putting in the level of work the game requires. I think the game may need to do some work in the area as it is discouraging for older players since the items they want are expensive compared to their earning capability when compared to the younger childrens version.

(common sense review seems out of date).

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