Great website for home and school!

Submitted 3 years ago
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I enjoy using this program in my classroom. It provides access to multiple books on multiple levels. Some students don't have access to books on their specific reading level at home and this provides them with some to read. I also like how this program is great for advanced learners and struggling learners because you can adjust it on their level. I do worry that kids go home and change their reading level that I have put them on to a level that is to easy or to difficult. I will continue to use this program on a regular basis in my classroom.

How I Use It

I use this program in small groups with my leveled groups. I also send home information about the program where kids can have access to lots of books that they can read and also listen to them when they are struggling. I also work in the dual immersion program so this program also provides access to Spanish books that they can read and listen to. Most of my students don't have access to Spanish books at home so this provides them with a lot of books to read at home! I also like how I can go online and print off books to have my students read in school and at home.