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Decent for a quick assessment

In general, RAZ-kids works for me in terms of getting a quick assessment from students. I appreciate that I can get a running record from every student with 5-10 minutes of effort (on their end). It's also nice that I can assign individual students/groups books/stories at their levels. That being said, my students don't love the books that are on this site.
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Great web application for reading comprehension

It's a bit expensive though, about $219 for reading a-z and raz-kids alone without writing a-z however, I found this deal on eBay to be very helpful
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The stars in this app are useless, please fix the bug.

This is a very good app, only that EVERY time you get stars and purchase something, your other things disappear. The books and writing and science are very good and educational, but the stars are completely WORTHLESS.
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Reading in Spanish with Raz-Kids!

I wish there is a way to set up different reading levels for the different languages. The problem I have is that my student's accounts are set up for their reading level in English so they have to change it every time we are using it in Spanish.
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An underutilized tool for the classroom

Raz-Kids is a good tool to use to have students practice fluency and comprehension. It provides a selection of fiction and informational texts that the students can choose from. Students can also access this program from home. Once the students start reaching levels K and above, if you use the Fontas and Pinnell leveling system, they do not match up, so you need to find the correlation to keep your kids on track.
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Great website for home and school!

I enjoy using this program in my classroom. It provides access to multiple books on multiple levels. Some students don't have access to books on their specific reading level at home and this provides them with some to read. I also like how this program is great for advanced learners and struggling learners because you can adjust it on their level. I do worry that kids go home and change their reading level that I have put them on to a level that is to easy or to difficult. I will continue to use this program on a regular basis in my classroom.
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It's a great way for kids to practice their reading skills. I also love how I can see the reports to help me know which areas my students might need more instruction in.

I think that this product has a lot of really great things. I like that I can set the kids reading levels so it is individualized for them. I also like how it is set up like a game. It is an fun and interactive program for the kids that helps them to learn as well.
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Raz-Kids is a great way to assign your students fun readings that allow them to practice skills that are also learned in the classroom!

I loved using this program in my classroom because it allowed the students to read things based on what they were interested in. Each reading comes with different types of activities so you can assign the students the worksheet that they need the most work with. This program works great and it is also a tool students can use at home for their own reading!
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Raz-Kids a great learning tool

I Iike it a lot they are able to build their own world as they get points, and they are able to have questions answered about the content. If I could change one thing it's the fact that in the free version I have yet to see a way that I can check the student's progress, and see what they are struggling on.
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Let's Get Kids Reading

I think this is a great outside of the classroom tool for teacher. A great way to ensure students are reading at home is to use products such as this. I think there can be update to the texts offered to make them a little more interesting but other than that I think this is a great tool that is rather beneficial.
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