Reading is Fun!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

My opinion is that this tool can be used for any classroom. It is perfect because every child is at a different level of reading so this tool allows them to be comfortable with where they are at and do not have to worry about feeling behind. When it comes to reading, it can be frustrating. By having students use this tool, it works at their own pace. They are only recommended books that will be at their level based on their comprehension results from the mini quizzes.

How I Use It

I think this is a great tool to get students interested in reading. There are an incredible number of books on this website that fulfill all different reading levels. I like that after each book is read, a mini quiz is implemented for the kids to take in order to see how well they actually comprehended what they just read. I think this is also a good product because every student's progress can be monitored and reviewed. Once students become proficient enough readers, they are always encouraged to read higher-level reading levels. I think this is a great way to see where each student is in reference to the rest of the students are on the reading spectrum.