It's ok but definitely could use some work!

Submitted 5 years ago
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Raz Kids is ok but could use improvement. For regular stories, the students should be required to listen to the story first. For flight checks, there isn't even an option to listen to the story. There is no feedback for the students, telling them which words they pronounced incorrectly or how to pronounce them correctly the next time they run across that word. The grading for retell should be tailored better to each story. Sometimes there are not options for things that should be graded. When you click on a word that is pronounced incorrectly or substituted, etc... (while grading their reading), it goes back almost a full sentence when you are done. It should just pick up where you left off.

How I Use It

We use this product with a select group of students who need to improve reading and comprehension. Each student has a laptop and headphones and works at their own pace.