User-friendly independent reading (part of a larger literacy suite)

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Victor K.
Victor K.
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RAZ Kids is, for my money, the best paid website for elementary independent reading. I've tried other paid sites like ConnectED, as well as free services, and none of them are as user-friendly (for students AND teachers) and flexible as RAZ Kids.

The books in RAZ Kids are created by their parent company, Learning A-Z, and if your supervisor is nice enough to buy you access to, you'll have access to printable and projectable versions of all the books, along with complete guided reading lessons, worksheets, and more.

In short, it's difficult not to gush. The Graphite reviewer is right: the books don't always feature the most artful writing. But to get your screen-addicted students reading regulary at home, in a way you can track, there's nothing better.

How I Use It

RAZ Kids is a significant at-home reading resource for my students who have internet access. I use the companion site,, for many of my guided reading lessons.