Great resource for encouraging reading at home!

Submitted 9 years ago
Lindsay K.
Lindsay K.
Fairview South Elementary School
Skokie IL, US
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I use Raz-Kids with my kindergarteners, who have a range of reading ability from still learning letter sounds to reading an extremely gifted child reading at a 4th grade level. Its great for all students in primary grades.

How I Use It

I can use this resource for ALL my students. It models fluent reading for my ELL students and low literacy students, while providing "easy reader" books for my average readers, and I can even have my gifted student reading at his reading level and answering comprehension questions in the quizzes. The parents in my classroom enjoy having this resource at home--there is no excuse for students not being exposed to reading practice and hearing fluent reading on a consistent basis. The students know I am monitoring their activities, and I sporadically provide rewards for students to remind them about using this resource at home when I notice usage begins dropping off. All of them love the robot building feature as well.

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