Quizlet the review game the kids actually WANT to use

Submitted 4 years ago
Penelopi S.
Penelopi S.
Academy For Personal Leadership And Excellence
Bronx NY, US
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My Take

I use this tool as a review for my students and it works well. I like how it has so many options for my students, they can learn in their own pace, the images also make it fun for them and can engage the english language learners. I like it and use it so much that this year I will get the teacher version so I can get results from their tests.

How I Use It

Every week I introduce the science vocabulary words the students need to learn. By the end of the week students have done plenty of classwork and should have mastered the science vocabulary. Students that were absent also use it to learn the vocabulary. It also helps my english language learners because I can add images to it. Before we take the weekly test students are allowed to "play" quizlet. My students love it and they replay the match game to get faster and faster times. They are so proud to show me how they answered all questions correctly. It works well with all my students low level and higher level. Gravity game is a little tricky because some of my students misspell the words but they are sure to tell me they got it right (just spelled it wrong)!