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User-friendly interface

The platform has a user-friendly interface that allows students to easily navigate and customize their learning experience.
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Fallen From Grace

Quizlet used to be a great platform for studying and learning in a fun way. It was especially a lifeline for my low-income students. Now almost every feature has been locked behind a paywall, making it useless for anything except digital flashcards. I have stopped using the website and am currently searching for alternatives.
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Helpful Tool But Premium Features Limit Previous Access

I love the Quizlet Live and Flashcard features. They really help whenever memorization is needed or even as a format to create and distribute practice quizzes on. I do not like that Premium has been taking away a lot of the previously free features on Quizlet such as document importing to Quizlet, etc.
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Very Helpful Tool

I definitely recommend this app. I have used it for many years and always found it to be a beneficial aid in the classroom setting or for studying independently at-home. I find it is best for learning definitions and major concepts, where students need to memorize and associate a word/concept to it's meaning. This is a simple way to do that and it has proved effective from what I have seen in my experiences with the app.
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Great study tool but there are now limitations with premium

I think quizlet is amazing. It is a great tool for any student from 1st grade all the way to college students. It is easy and simple to use. The most important thing is that it is effective, as long as students are applying themselves and using this tool it will help them! Even the students who don't study that blame it on laziness like it. It is fun and engaging. There are different study methods and students can pick which one the like the best to use. I will say though, there are certain study methods that it will only allow you to use certain about of times without premium, which does suck. But overall great tool for students.
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Great studying tool

Overall, Quizlet is a great teaching and learning tool. I like how there are multiple different way to utilize what Quizlet gives you. There are many different way to use the tool to help memorize information for a test. It is a great studying tool.
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Great self-review site

It is a great tool for students to review class materials. It has nice outlook and great features like checking others cards. But I think students should not rely on others cards since you can't guarantee the answer is correct or the question itself is problem-free.
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Easy to use.

I make quizlets and learn from it and later. I really like the fact they have this test feature in it and I just take test on quizlets and it helps me prepare for my exams or tests.
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Encourages self-learning but may be a risk relying on other study sets

I do not recommend people to use this application in general. It is useful if you want to create your own study set and do your own work individually. I do not think using another study set to study for a quiz or exam is the best option. Much of the information that others put on this application has errors or is simply wrong information. The reliability of using other study sets to prepare for a quiz or a test is very low. There are no credentials and users can post what they want in their study set. The information is not fact checked. I believe that the tool is only useful at the individual level and is very restrictive.
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Easy and Useful

My opinion is that Quizlet is a very useful resource for both students and teachers. I liked how easy it was to use and share. It is as simple as copying and pasting the URL link.
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